Top Basketball Drills
The Circuit

Of this section's top basketball drills, the circuit has the most emphasis on conditioning, although it also has a healthy dose of pure basketball skills thrown in. I picked up this drill from a little software program called Basketball Playbook. The software allows you to outline basketball plays and drills, and replay them or print them out - it is the software I have used to created the play and drill graphics on this site. The basic version is free - you can download it at Jes-Basketball.

Pre-loaded into the playbook are several basketball drills. This one - called Igor's Circuit on the software - is great for developing conditioning and dribbling skills. Players are heaving by the time they finish it, so it's a good simulation of how they'll feel towards the end of a game.

I've also made a few changes to this to create a version I've called the Lion Circuit (the team I was coaching at the time was the Lions).

Top Basketball Drills
What Players Need to Focus on in this Drill

  • When dribbling through the cones, it is a control dribble - players need to stay low and protect the ball
  • This is a simulation - i.e., players need to treat the cones like defensive players crowding them
  • The dribbling moves should be as quick as the player can handle without losing control of the ball or having to stand up out of the crouch - again, always protect the ball

The Circuit

The full circuit can be broken into three sections. To begin, set out cones as illustrated in the diagrams below.

Top Basketball Drills
Section 1 of The Circuit

  • Players line up at the baseline on the right side of the court

  • Each of the players has a ball

  • The player at the front of the line (#1) starts the drill by dribbling at the cones - at a control dribble speed and stance

  • When he approaches each cone, the player jabs hard to one side, then pushes off to the other, performing a proper crossover dribble

  • When the player moves past the last cone, he dribbles hard to the end of the court and sets the ball down on the baseline

Top Basketball Drills
Section 2 of The Circuit

  • After setting his ball on the baseline, the player drops into defensive stance and executes a defensive slide to the half mark, then slides back to the baseline

  • The player then slides again to the half; this time when he arrives at the half court circle, the player pulls up and jumps, two footed, as high as he can, five times

  • When the first player begins jumping, the next player in line starts dribbling towards the cones

  • When he finishes his five jumps, the first player slides back to the baseline, gathers his ball, and dribbles to the opposite side of the court

Top Basketball Drills
Section 3 of The Circuit

  • On the opposite side of the court, cones are placed a little farther apart. The player dribbles - control dribble - to each of the cones, executing a reverse dribble at each cone

  • When he passes the last cone, the player then fast breaks to the basket, concentrating on making the lay up

  • Once he makes the basket, the player puts his ball down and drops to do 10 pushups

  • He then picks up his ball and heads to the back of the line for his next turn

I like this drill partly because it has some good conditioning aspects to it, and partly because it simulates a game situation, in that there are many times when a player is defended closely, but manages a neat little crossover or reverse dribble, gets his man on his hip, and suddenly finds himself unguarded for a moment with a clear lane to the basket - and if he's quick, he can notch up two more points in his stats.

But really push the players to go full speed - at the end, they should be breathing hard, but it will help them breathe easier in the game.

"The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle."

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