Top Basketball Drills
The Give 'n Go to Break

Like other top basketball drills, the Give 'n Go to Break is essentially two drills in one - at one end of the floor, it practices skills all players need to know to effectively run set offensive plays; at the other end, players fast break.

At the core of any set basketball play, there are only a few moves that players need to know. Yes, they need to know individual skills such as shooting, ballhandling, etc. But beside this, there are a handful of mini-plays that we find in almost every offensive set play: pick 'n roll; jabs and cuts; screens; give 'n go. Break down any set basketball offense and you will find it is some combination of these moves.

For more information and drills on these mini-plays, check out the Offensive Moves portion of the site.

This drill focuses first on the give 'n go, one of the most commonly used offensive moves, before it switches to a fast break simulation.

Top Basketball Drills: Give n Go to Fast Break
What Players Should Focus On

  • Cuts need to be hard, and always lead with a jab opposite to the direction the player is cutting
  • Snap the passes - good, strong chest passes with proper form

  • In the give and go section of the drill, there should be no need for dribbling - players should be getting the pass well within their two step distance, and dribbling will just slow the move down

  • On the fast break portion, sprint hard and focus on finishing the break strong

  • If the drill is on the left side of the court, dribble and shoot with your left; if it's on the right, dribble and shoot right

Top Basketball Drills: Give n Go to Fast Break
The Give 'n Go...

  • Players line up in two lines - one line in the middle of the court with the first player in line at the 3 point line; the second line along the sideline, with the first player in line at about foul line extended

  • Each of the first three players in the middle line have a ball

  • The player at the front of the middle line (#1) starts the drill by executing a strong chest pass to the player at the front of the other line (#2)

  • #1 then jabs away from the ball, before reversing direction and cutting to the basket on the ball side

  • #1 receives the return pass from #2 and continues hard to the basket for the layup

Top Basketball Drills: Give n Go to Fast Break
...and then The Fast Break

  • Immediately after passing the ball to #1, player #2 follows #1 in to the basket, rebounds his shot, and speed dribbles the length of the court

  • Remind players that this is the fast break aspect of the drill, so they need to go as fast as they can, but they also need to focus on controlling the ball

  • Player #1 goes to the end of the line at the sideline

  • Player #2 finishes his fast break layup, gets his own rebound, and executes a strong two handed overhead pass to the player at the end of the middle line

  • #2 then hustles down the court to the end of the middle line

  • At the same time - as soon as the first player clears out of the key - the next player in the middle line (#3 in the diagram) begins the drill

Top Basketball Drills: Give n Go to Fast Break

There are variations you can introduce to this drill to make it more challenging or to better suit your needs. For example, you can:

  • Have a coach or manager provide token defense for the cutter in the give 'n go
  • Have your big men execute a power layup in the give 'n go.
  • Set up some obstacles along the fast break for players to practice ballhandling moves (e.g., onside dribble around the first cone, crossover around the second, etc.)
  • Have a coach or manager at the far end provide token defense against the fast break layup

Also be sure to have the team switch sides after a couple of minutes so that they work both the left hand and right hand.

This is a top basketball drill that combines some important skills work with some good conditioning, and a drill that players enjoy doing.

"Competing in sports has taught me that if I'm not willing to give 120 percent, somebody else will."

- Ron Blomberg

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