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Top Basketball Drills:
3-on-2 to 2-on-1

Another of those top basketball drills that improves many aspects of player performance, the 3 on 2 to 2 on 1 fast break drill is great for conditioning, fostering a fast break mentality and making quick decisions, while working in a game-like atmosphere. Players enjoy it, it's a fun drill and it's competitive, and it is effective at working both offensive strategies on the fast break as well as defensive strategies when you are outnumbered.

Top Basketball Drills:
Instructions to Players

On Offense

  • It's a fast break drill - run it hard and take the ball to the hoop hard - there is no time to stop and pass the ball around, waiting for an opening

  • Ball carrier in the center, wings are wide and cut in hard to basket as they pass the three point arc

  • As in an actual game, they'll only get 1-2 passes before they need to take the shot

  • Lay-ups are always preferable to jump shots

How this Top Basketball Drill Works

  • Players line up in 3 lines, with the ball in the middle

  • The ball is outleted to either side

  • The man receiving the outlet dribbles the ball to the middle and up the court

  • The man who passed the ball to the outlet runs behind the outlet and up the side, taking up the position of the wing

  • The three men play against the two defensive players, but give them a limit to the number of shots they are allowed - maybe 1 or 2 only, since in a real game, we would expect the defense to receive help within a few seconds

Top Basketball Drill - 3 on 2 - 2 on 1 A

  • Once the three man team makes a basket or the defense gains the ball - rebound, steal, too many shots taken by offense - the defense breaks down the court, playing 2 on 1 against the middle player. The remaining two players set up on defense for the next 3 on 2

Top Basketball Drill - 3 on 2 - 2 on 1 B

Top Basketball Drills:
Instructions to Players

On Defense - 3 on 2

  • On the 3 on 2, the two defensive players line up with 1 man at the top of the key, the other behind just below the free throw line

  • The man at top must step out and stop the ball carrier when he reaches the three point line - preferably make him pick up the ball, and whatever he does, make sure the ball carrier does not penetrate past him

  • The man at the back needs to wait for the first pass from the ball carrier - whichever wing man gets the first pass, the man at back needs to pick him up and keep him from penetrating

Top Basketball Drill - 3 on 2 - 2 on 1 C

  • As soon as the first pass is made, the man at the top needs to flash back into the key to guard against the opposite wing getting a pass down low - stop the lay up at all costs

  • From this point, the two defensive players continuously switch men, one of them picking up the ball whenever it is passed

  • Remember, their job is to slow the break down so that the rest of their teammates can catch up and help out

Top Basketball Drill - 3 on 2 - 2 on 1 D

Top Basketball Drills:
Instructions to Players

On Defense - 2 on 1

  • On the 2 on 1, the defensive player needs to get back down the court quickly, well ahead of the two offensive players

  • Being set up so that the offense is approaching, the defensive player needs to jab towards the ball carrier, effectively convincing the ball carrier that has committed to defending him

  • Instead of committing, though, the defensive player is going to pull back to defend against the second offensive player cutting to the hoop

  • The objective here is to trick the ball carrier into picking up the ball or at least slowing down, but then to cut off any easy lay-ups.

Top Basketball Drill - 3 on 2 - 2 on 1 E

This is a top basketball drill because it so effectively imitates the game situation - players learn how to react, both offensively and defensively, in a fast break situation. Push them to be quick, always with the game situation in mind. Another drill that can be used at pretty much every practice (it's part of my standard warm-up routine)

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