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Top Basketball Drills:
The 2 on 1 Fill-In

The 2 on 1 Fill-In Drill is one of those top basketball drills that does double duty, working both offense and defense. One of the major problems when running fast break drills is trying to simulate a game-like urgency during the attack. This drill rewards players for attacking hard and fast. At the same time, it has the defense scrambling to catch up, in the same way players would be sprinting back to help stop a fast break.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on in this top basketball drill:

  • This is a fast break drill that provides the offense with an advantage at the beginning, so the offense's approach needs to be fast - if they are slow, the second defensive player will catch up to them and even the match-up

  • Offense is only allowed one shot - this is a fast break, not two on two

  • Enforce the rule that players at the outlets cannot come in early and must touch the center line with their fingers before sprinting into the play

How this Top Basketball Drill Works

  • Players set up as indicated in the diagram - 1 player at each end, prepared to play defense; two players at the three point line at one end, prepared to fast break up court; the remaining players in two lines, one at each side of the court, about ten feet from the center line.

  • At the coach's whistle, the two offensive player attack in fast break style
Top Basketball Drill - 2 on 1 fillin 1

  • Once the ball crossed the half, the player at the head of the line on the left of the ball carrier sprints to the center line, touches the line with his fingers, and then sprints down to help the other defensive player defend against the fast break
Top Basketball Drill - 2 on 1 fillin 2

  • While this is happening, the two offensive players will have a couple of seconds in which they have a 2 on 1 advantage - they try to score quickly, before the second defensive player arrives
Top Basketball Drill - 2 on 1 fillin 3

  • Once the offense scores, or the defense rebounds or steals the ball, the two defensive players sprint up court, fast breaking against the opposite end

  • As the ball crosses the half, the player at the front of the line on the ball carrier's left sprints to the center line, touches the line with his hand, and then sprints down to help the defense stop the fast break

  • Meanwhile, the two players who had run the first fast break move either to the line at the side or stay on as defense - they can decide for themselves who goes where
Top Basketball Drill - 2 on 1 fillin 4

The drill continues until the coach calls it finished - basically, when you see players getting too tired to do things properly. I generally run this drill for the last 10 minutes of practice.

This is a great, top basketball drill, very quick and a good way to re-enforce the need to finish the fast break quickly, before the defense arrives to help. A great way to end practice, especially if you have only 8 or 9 players on hand.

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