Top B-Ball Drills
The 90 Shot Drill

The name of this b-ball drill says it all - your players will take 90 shots before the drill finishes. It sounds like a lot, but since they take three shots every time down the court, that's only 30 trips, and since they're running hard the entire time - it's a fast break drill - it won't take long.

The 90 Shot Drill is a simple basketball drill that practices finishing the layup on the break, and pulling up for a jumper after running hard.

There are several things about this drill that make it a great shooting drill to run in practices; if for no other reason, it is an exciting drill to run, and players enjoy it.

It isn't overly complicated - in fact, the only time I've had players make a mistake is when the center player forgets to cut to the wing after making the pass into the layup, and that has only happened a few times and only in the first time they've run it.

But I also like that it is good fast break practice - players must learn to control their momentum as they approach the shooting stages, so they can receive the pass under control and shoot quickly and smoothly.

Top B-Ball Drills
The 90 Shot Drill: Instructions to Players

  • All players run hard - game situation.
  • Players receiving passes for jump shots need to be conscious of their momentum. As they receive the pass, they need to drop their weight (bend their knees and half-crouch) to stop the forward momentum. Then they need to jump straight up and down - no floaters.
  • The layup pass always goes to the right hand side

Top B-Ball Drills
How the 90 Shot Drill Works

  • Players line up in three lines at each end of the court
  • 5 balls are needed - one ball at the front of each line except for the middle lines; plus a ball in the middle of the first group to run
  • The first group of three start sprinting up the floor, the ball being dribbled by the middle man (#1)
  • When the player in the right lane (#2) reaches the 3 point line, he cuts hard to the basket
  • The player in the left lane (#3) pulls up at the 3 point line
  • The ball carrier pulls up at the top of the key

  • #1 passes a bounce pass to #2 who finishes the fast break layup
  • Immediately after passing, #1 flares out to the right side
  • At the same time, #3 receives the pass from #6 on the baseline

  • #3 executes a jump shot from the wing
  • #1 receives the pass from #5 on the baseline and squares for his shot
  • At the same time, #4 under the basket gathers the first ball through the hoop - likely to be the layup from #2

  • As #1 takes his jump shot, #4, 5, and 6 start sprinting down the other end of the court
  • #1, 2, and 3 take up positions at the end of the lines, making sure to vary the lines they are in so that everyone has practice in each position
  • The drill continues until the coach says to stop

As you can tell, this is a fast paced drill that gets tiring soon enough, but forces players to focus on what is happening - know where the pass is coming from, prepare to drop their weight as they receive the pass so they can use their forward momentum as power to shoot properly and smoothly.

You can make this more competitive by requiring them to make a certain percentage of shots in order to stop - say, 50% of the next 20 shots (higher percentage if you have some skilled shooters).

A great b-ball drill that practices shooting skills in game-like situations.

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