Youth Basketball Shooting Drills
Baseline Jumper & Rebound

This youth basketball shooting drill is really a focus on several skills, so perhaps more aptly termed a multi-skill drill. Although the central focus is the baseline shot, there is also focus on rebounding, passing, and even play-making, as the drill emulates a high-post-to-weak-side passing play. A good drill to run once you have taught the basic skills fundamentals, as it combines all into this one simple basketball drill.

This drill is a good drill for all levels - I have used it at junior varsity and varsity levels - as it focuses on combining fundamental skills into a game-type situation, without the game-like pressure. So a good drill to act as a stepping stone from the basic skills teaching on to using those skills in the game.

And this is a good drill for younger basketball players as well, because it introduces them to game-style movement, the fundamental ideas of looking to the weak side from the high post, dropping to the baseline from the weak side wing, rebounding and outletting, and so on. In short, a good preparation for more advanced drills and for game time.

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills
The Set Up and Baseline Jumper

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills - Baseline Jumper 1Set Up and Baseline Jumper

This is a three player drill. If you have the baskets, spread the team out three at a basket; otherwise, make a line behind the passer and have players rotate through the positions.

  • Player #1 is the passer, high on the wing
  • Player #2 is the high post (have him start low and cut high to the pass)
  • Player #3 is the shooter, set up on the weak side wing

The drill begins with a pass to the high post. As the ball comes in to the high post, the shooter drops to the baseline.

The post pivots, looking to the weak side with the ball held overhead, and passes to the shooter on the baseline.

The shooter takes the baseline shot.

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills
The Rebound and Put Back

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills - Baseline Jumper 2Rebound and Put Back

Once player #3 shoots, the high post goes in strong for the rebound and put back - he continues to put it up until it goes in.

It is also a good idea to make the shooter follow his shot - especially since statistically it is more likely that the rebound will return in his direction. Players need to get used to rebounding their own shot, so a good habit to instill.

If the shooter gets his own rebound, he can shoot again or pass in to the post who can then put it in.

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills
The Outlet and Reset

Youth Basketball Shooting Drills - Baseline Jumper 3Outlet and Reset

Once the basket is made, the post rebounds the made shot, pivots out and outlets the ball to the passer, who should be positioned at about the outlet spot.

The shooter returns to the wing.

The post then cuts to the high post position to receive the pass from player #1 and start the drill again.

A simple but effective youth basketball shooting drill that gets results. Be sure to keep them focused and intense on all aspects of the drill - strong overhead passes from the high post to the baseline, quick release from the shooter, aggressive rebound and immediate put back from the post player.

A good transition from basic skills instruction to introducing set offensive plays.

"I'm not a yeller. My theory is that no one goes out there trying to screw up."

---Amy Ruley, head woman's basketball coach, North Dakota State (5-time NCAA D2 champions)

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