Shooting Basketball Drills
Spin Dribble to Bank Shot Drill

One of several shooting basketball drills on the site that focuses not only on shooting skills, but adds in some ballhandling practice as well, this is a great drill to introduce after you have given instruction on shooting and dribbling fundamentals, and a good bridge from single-skill to game-style practice drills.

With all these basketball drills - actually, pretty much with every drill you run after the initial skills instruction - have players approach the drill as if it were a game situation. e.g., when the player is supposed to make a move against a coach, he should approach it as if the coach was an opposing player and make the move as he would in a game. No walking through the movements.

Players should approach the move as if they are driving hard to the basket along the baseline, and their defender beats them to the baseline, so they make the spin move to get around the defender.

Shooting Basketball Drills
Running the Spin Dribble to Bank Shot Drill

  • Players line up on the wing with a coach low towards the baseline
  • The first player drives toward the coach at the baseline, and executes a quick, in control spin move around him - one step only
  • As he spins around, the player squares and executes a bank shot
  • The player gets his own rebound and moves to the other side of the floor, where another coach conducts the drill on that side

Shooting Basketball Drills
Some Considerations for Coaching this Drill

  • An obvious one - if you don't have assistant coaches to help out, place a cone or a chair in place of where the coach would be, and you stand beneath the net so you can see and critique both sides of the court.
  • Always enforce strong moves and proper shooting form - players drive hard as if driving the baseline, then drop their weight as they plant their foot to make the spin move.
  • Players need to dribble with their right hand when approaching from the right, and left hand when approaching from the left (i.e., keeping their body between the ball and where the defense would be inside)

This isn't a complicated basketball drill, but it is a good drill for players to start putting skills together in a way they will need to in a game.

Have players work towards this being not two moves - dribble and shoot - but to be one fluid move, where the spin dribble serves as the grounding or preparation to perform the jump shot - i.e., as the player spins he must drop his weight to keep his balance and to make a quick move. This means he finishes the move with his legs bent and weight dropped, as if in a squat - the position he should be in when starts his jump shot.

The more they practice this move - and others similar to it - the more fluid it will become and your players will be able to make the spin move and flow easily into the jump shot. Which is what you want them to do in the game!

“Be quick without  hurrying”

– John Wooden

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