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Developing Post Moves:
The Two-Man Cutthroat Drill

Good post moves require a host of qualities from inside players. They need excellent concentration, because they'll be getting hit every time the ball is in their area and they'll need to keep on going up. They need to be able to position themselves, for the rebound and for the pass, which means knowing where to be and being able to handle the contact from their opponent so they don't get pushed out of position. And we haven't even touched on scoring skills.

This post drill pits two inside players against each other, and rewards aggression, good positioning and persistence.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on:

  • This is a continuous drill - players do not rest at any time throughout, but continue to put the ball up, get the rebound, put the ball up - until the coach blows the whistle

  • The objective is to get the most baskets in one minute

  • Much of this drill depends on good rebounding fundamentals - aggressively jump for the ball, box out if possible, tip if you can, always protect the ball

Developing Post Moves: The 2 Man Cut Throat Drill

post moves - cut throat
  • Two players line up along the key, one on either side, about two-third of the way to the foul line. A coach stands at the foul line with the ball.

  • The drill begins when the coach tosses the ball off the backboard

  • At first, the two players are teammates - they work together to tip the ball into the basket

  • Immediately once the ball goes in, the two players become opponents, each trying aggressively to get the rebound - whoever gets the ball becomes the offensive player, while the other player becomes the defensive player

  • The two players play one on one, rebounding and shooting for one minute - until the coach blows his whistle.

  • Players should be reminded that this is a great place to work on the post moves they have learned, and that they should mix it up, using different moves as often as they can

This drill will develop rebounding and tipping skills, several moves around the basket, concentration skills and toughness and the ability to play hard in the key. A great drill for inside players.

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"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
- Tommy Lasorda

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