Increase Vertical Leap
The Jump Manual:
A Complete Program for Players

There are plenty of exercises that increase vertical leap of your players - I've put up a few exercises to increase vertical jump - but what players really need is a complete training program if they want to see substantial results. Stand alone exercises may help a little; a cohesive set of exercises may help a little more.

But to really increase vertical leap, a player needs to take into account more than just the physical exercises.

Increase Vertical Leap
Considerations in Training

A player serious about improving his vertical needs to consider:

  • strength training - with and without weights, training the appropriate muscles in the right way
  • the importance of flexibility, balance and form to proper jumping technique
  • proper nutrition that will build lean muscle while providing lots of energy
  • adequate rest, since it is during rest that the muscles get stronger
  • good hydration, important for any workout but particularly important for jump training since most jump training takes place during the hotter summer months
  • how to combine all these aspects
  • and more into a progressive system that builds genuine, lasting leaping performance

Increase Vertical Leap

There are plenty of programs that promise to increase vertical leap, but The Jump Manual has my vote as the best one out there. It does a good job of combining all these elements and has received good mainstream press supporting it.

I've had players use this program in the past and they have been quite happy with it, and I have seen substantial gains in their jumping abilities as well as their overall level of play in the post. I find they not only were able to jump higher, they gained in confidence, overall strength and even quickness.

Which makes sense, as the program works the same type of muscle fibers that help athletes improve their quickness, so in trying to develop jumping ability, you would expect them to also become quicker on court.

Increase Vertical Leap with the Jump Manual

As a couple of proponents of the program say:

"I recommend the Jump Manual to any athlete who is serious about maximizing their quickness and vertical explosion. I have seen the program work time and time again. It's an intense regimen but there are tremendous gains to be had."

- Brandon Peterson, Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Utah Valley University.

"I tried everything, man! Air Alert, Strength shoes, plyos, you name it, I tried it. Your program made sense and I gave it a shot. I gained 13 inches in 12 weeks and now I can 360 dunk with 2 hands. Every time I play people always notice. I recommended to our coach that the whole team does the work-out cause I'm also a whole lot quicker. Seriously...Thanks!

- Wayne, Kansas City, Missouri

There are plenty of testimonials on The Jump Manual page from players, parents, coaches and athletic trainers, as well as testimonial videos on YouTube (aimed at the players, not the coaches); I'll let you browse through them yourself.

The video below is from the program's creator, Jacob Hiller, and explains how he developed the program, a little bit about the program and how to train to increase vertical leap effectively:

Increase Vertical Leap with the Jump Manual

My Experience

Every Spring I start several of my players on the Jump Manual program. Without fail, when we come back in September, players who stuck with the program have increased their vertical jump substantially. Several have left in the Spring barely able to touch the rim, and returned in the Fall able to dunk.

One player I recall well, was only 5'6", rode the pine his entire junior year, but was so determined to improve. I usually only get my forwards and centers to work on the program over the summer, but he came to me in the Spring after his junior year and asked to do it as well. Like I said, he was determined to succeed. He returned in the fall of his senior year able to dunk a volleyball, but more importantly for me, his speed and quickness had really improved (a side effect, I am certain , of his jump training). He saw lots of game time in his senior year, and was a much improved player.

I have also used the program myself, and so from personal experience I can make a couple of comments:

  • It will increase vertical jump if the player sticks to it. I increased my vertical by 6 inches during the three months I was true to the program (and I'm well over 40 and have never been a good jumper!)

  • It requires dedication and perseverance - it isn't easy and it isn't overnight. Players have to work for it, but it is a great program, very effective, and if they stick to it, they will get results

So I'm excited about the prospect of owning the boards next season, and I'm excited about my players becoming more dominant offensive players. And if that appeals to you, I suggest you check out The Jump Manual yourself. It is well worth it.

Here's to a great season!

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

- Thomas A. Edison

For players wanting to gain inches on their vertical leap:

I recommend The Jump Manual - an excellent workout that works!

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