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Drills for Basketball Rebounders:
The 3 Man Rebound and Outlet Drill

Some drills for basketball rebounders are game situation drills, teaching players how to grab rebounds while they are being banged around. But before we use these game situation drills, we need to teach and practice the basics, and that is the focus of the Rebound and Outlet drill - it teaches players how to rebound the ball and outlet quickly, with a focus on performing the movements properly, with good form.

This is an effective drill for basketball players who have been taught basic rebounding skills and need to practice them but aren't ready yet for full game simulation drills. There is no contact in this drill, so the focus can remain on basic fundamentals.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on:

  • timing the jump so the ball is rebounded at the top of the jump

  • grabbing the ball with two hands and coming down in control

  • pivoting and outletting the ball with a quick, crisp overhead pass

How this Drill for Basketball Rebounding Works

  • Players line up as in the diagram, with a player on each wing (#2 and #3) and one player at the top of the key (#1), with the remaining players lined up behind #1

  • Both wings are constantly moving and cutting to get free

  • #1 has a ball and begins the drill by passing to one of the wings
drills for basketball - rebound and outlet

  • Immediately upon passing the ball, #1 cuts through the key

  • #1 receives the return pass from the wing and immediately tosses the ball off the backboard
drills for basketball - rebound and outlet

  • #1 jumps high for the rebound, catching the ball in both hands at the top of his jump and landing under control, ball firmly in two hands and elbows out to protect the ball

  • #1 pivots and outlets the ball to the opposite wing

  • The wing on the outlet passes a crisp chest pass to the next player in line at the top of the key (#4)
drills for basketball - rebound and outlet

  • #1 moves to the outlet; the outlet player moves to the back of the line; and the drill starts again
drills for basketball - rebound and outlet

This is a good drill for basketball players who have been taught the fundamentals of rebounding and now need to practice them. The good thing about this drill is that it adds in the outlet pass, which is so important to a good rebound. Focus players on performing all movements strongly and with proper form - force them to develop good habits now before you ramp up the stress by adding in defense with drills for basketball rebounders that are more game situational.

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"You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise."
- Michael Jordan

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