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Conditioning Drills for Basketball:
The 30-30

Probably one of the simplest conditioning drills for basketball players, this drill takes the place of straight wind sprints, making the drill continuous and less choppy than wind sprints are, and allowing players to work through any muscle stiffness that comes along after sprinting. It isn't difficult, but it's an effective bit of basketball training that develops the conditioning necessary for playing a fast break game like basketball.

Conditioning drills for basketball need to focus on quickness and speed - slow and steady does not win this race. The focus here is to build up that instant burst of speed needed to get past a defender or down the court ahead of the defense.

Instructions to Players

  • Run hard on the sprints; relax on the jogs

  • Do not stop after the sprint - lactic acid buildup in the legs will only make things worse - and don't jog too fast in the jogging sections - this is where players need to catch their breath

  • Be sure to stay spaced out - you don't want them tripping over each other's feet or running up each other's backs

How the 30-30 Conditioning Drill for Basketball Works

  • Players spread out around the court - if you have easy access to a larger running track, even better

  • On the coach's whistle, players start jogging - a slow jog of about 30% speed - for 30 seconds

  • After 30 seconds, the coach blows his whistle again, and players sprint at 90-95% speed

  • After another 30 seconds passes, the coach blows the whistle, and players drop back into a slow jog again

  • Repeat this sprint/jog pattern a total of 4 - 6 times

  • This would be a drill I would use more often at the beginning of the pre-season, when a major focus would be on conditioning. But you can use it anytime you feel speed and quickness needs to be stepped up - it's a great conditioning drill for basketball players.

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