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Refining the Chest Pass:
The Half Court 3 Man Weave

The chest pass is probably the most used pass in the game of basketball. It is the first pass most players are taught, and the pass most harped on during practice sessions.

And with good reason - using the chest pass gives the player's pass power, since both hands are used to push the ball; gives it control, as the ball can be better guided by two hands; and reduces the likelihood of the pass being stolen, since players can stop the pass should a defensive player jump in the way mid-pass, as they control the ball with two hands.

In contrast, a one handed push pass requires much more effort to give it power, can easily slip off the side of the hand and sail in unintended directions, and can't be stopped mid-pass since it is being cradled on the palm of the hand with little control.

The three man weave is the classic basketball drill for practicing this pass. The Weave from Half is a slight variation. Once you feel your players know how to pass properly, start using the weave drills to practice the pass on the move.

Weave from Half

This is a great drill for confined spaces, and a really good passing drill to warm up with before a game.

  • Players line up in three lines at half (one line in the middle of the court, the other two lines at wing positions either side)

  • Each player in the middle line has a ball
  • The player in the middle line (#1) passes to one of the wing players

  • #1 then moves behind the player he/she passed to

  • The receiver (#2) passes across to opposite wing (#3), and then moves behind that receiver

  • #3 then passes to #1, who is now cutting to basket for a lay-up
Chest Pass - Half Weave 1
  • #3 moves to the sideline outlet position after passing to #1

  • #2 rebounds and outlets to #3 (already at outlet position)
Chest Pass - half weave 2

A great drill when you only have one half of the court to work with - but be sure to insist that players always use a proper chest pass, the only exception being on the pass to the layup, which can be a bounce pass.

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