Basketball Training Drills
The Four Point Shooting Drill

One of those basketball training drills that are great for practice and even better for pre-game warm-up, the Four Point Shooting Drill gets players shooting, rebounding, passing and moving quickly, gets the blood pumping and sharpens basketball skills. It's an easy drill to learn and a great drill to warm up with before the game.

Basketball drills that provide an effective pre-game warm up need to work on several things at once - at least one skill, plus some cardio, plus some movement to get muscles stretched and ready to play.

Layups are a good, easy start to a warm up, but many coaches tend to go quickly to a drill like the three man weave or the weave to half; 2 on 1 back drill to get the blood pumping and players pumped up. These are good drills that I use often, but lets not forget to warm up our shooting as well.

There are plenty of shooting drills that will serve as good pre-game drills - I often simply have my players shoot across the key. But the Four Point Shooting Drill involves movement as well as shooting, which makes it a good pre-game warm up drill.

Basketball Training Drills
Four Point Shooting

  • Players set up as indicated in the diagram, in four lines: 1 line at each corner of the foul line, and one line along each baseline about 15 ft out from the basket.

  • Each player at the head of a line has a ball (4 balls in total)

  • The first player at each line shoots, grabs their rebound, and passes to the next player in their line

  • The shooter then moves quickly to the end of the line on his right. He has to hustle to do this, because the shooting doesn't take long and players will very quickly be up for their next shot

  • The team continues in this manner until the coach calls a stop
basketball training drillsFour Point Shooting Drill

Constantly remind players to work on quick release during this drill - they should focus on shooting as soon as they receive the pass. Good form is important as well, of course, but you want this drill to move quickly and, as always, to reflect a real-game situation as best it can.

This lends itself effortlessly to being a good warm up drill, but it is also a good drill for practices, something that would fit well into your portfolio of basketball training drills for shooting. Coaches very often use the 3 man weave at the beginning of practice - this is one more drill to fit that bill!

"A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood."

- George Patton