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Basketball Training Aids

Good basketball training aids will improve your efficiency and ability to deliver your program to your players. Coaching is not just about knowing the game - plenty of great players find out very fast that knowing how to play doesn't automatically transfer to knowing how to coach basketball.

Coaching high school basketball involves a great many things - yes, you need to know the game, but you also need to know how to teach the game to others. But like any teacher of any subject, your knowledge of that subject doesn't magically appear overnight - it is gathered over years of reading, watching others and experimenting with your teams, noting what works and what doesn't work so well, never being afraid to change things up.

I've always been of the opinion that you don't need many "extras" to do a good job - quite often, the more stuff you have, the more mired you get in trying to use it all. But there are some things that are good additions to your training, that will add new twists to your practices and help your players develop in different ways. And there are some things that every coach truly needs (can't get by without my Fox 40 whistle!)

Flip through the coaching accessories below and see if there's anything you feel can help you coach better - I hope it helps you out.

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"A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are."
- Ara Parasheghian

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