Basketball Team Drills
High Pick n Roll Drill

Basketball team drills that focus on basic plays such as the pick 'n roll and give 'n go should be a mainstay in all your practices, especially when you coach youth players. These moves are the building blocks to any play, and if players can't do them properly, they will never be able to run any play successfully.

But on the other hand, if your players can run the pick 'n roll, the give 'n go, simple cuts, etc. quickly and effectively, they will be able to succeed with any play, even when the play falls apart. Being able to execute these moves confidently will allow your players to improvise successfully when needed, and continue to put points up.

So, once you've completed the introduction to setting screens and the pick 'n roll, start adding drills like this one into each practice to ensure players continue to improve their play-making abilities. And mix up the drills you add to each practice to ensure you prepare them for whatever opportunities arise in the game.

Being able to run pick 'n rolls, give 'n go's, quick cuts, will help players succeed even if the play breaks down

Tweet: Being able to run pick 'n rolls, give 'n go's, quick cuts, will help players succeed even if the play breaks down.

Basketball Team Drills
High Pick n Roll Drill

The Pick 'n Roll

  • #1 passes to #2 at the wing
  • Immediately, #1 cuts opposite and sets a proper pick on the man defending #3
  • Ensure the pick is set at the right angle (about 45 degrees)

  • #3 fakes his defender to the inside and then cuts to the top, driving his defender into the screen (ensure the screen is set solid before the cut is made)
  • #3 cuts hard to the top and receives the pass from the wing (#2)

From here there are two scoring options that you can use. Run one option a few times and then the other, or run both options at the same time and have #3 choose the receiver.

Scoring Option #1 (Big Man)

  • #1 completes the pick n roll by rolling out of the pick, keeping the defender on his back, and cutting to the hoop
  • #3 lobs the ball into #1 and #1 executes a power layup to score
  • This is a great move for your big men to practice

Scoring Option #2

  • The wing, #2, cuts in to a shooting pocket about ten feet out
  • #3 passes the ball to #2 who takes the shot
  • #1 - rolling off the pick - rebounds the shot and puts it back

The focus of basketball team drills like these needs to be on the offensive movement, in this case, the pick 'n roll, and on setting it properly. It is so common to see a player getting called for blocking because they didn't have their pick set, because they moved into the defender they were setting the pick on, or because the player receiving the pick cut too early.

Use these drills to practice the moves in game-like situations, making adjustments as needed. And then as a secondary focus, ensure they go hard to the hoop, whether they are rolling into the key or taking the shot from the side.

Drills like this are also a good way to practice aspects of a freelance passing offense - give your players mini-plays such as this in different scenarios: top of the key, at the wing, down low on the baseline. Mix up the moves - not just pick 'n roll, but add in some give 'n go, some straight cutting, etc. And add in a variety of offensive scoring moves as well so they can practice things like a drop step or baby hook, or from the wing they can drive or pull up for a jumper.

Be creative, put together basketball team drills with a variety of moves and skills - the more they are exposed to in practice, the better able your players will be to adapt in the game.

“When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro.”
Larry Bird