Basketball Skills and Drills
Combination Drills to Develop Player Skills

The most basic basketball skills and drills are introduced in stand alone settings - teaching the basics of passing, shooting, and ballhandling, for example - and then these skills are developed with relatively simple drills that focus only on the one skill - drills solely for shooting or passing, for example.

But after that, then what? The game of basketball is not played one skill at a time. We need players to be able to perform several skills in combination or succession, and that's what these drills do - form a bridge between basic skills drills and game-simulation practice.

These basketball drills combine the use of skills so that they have players performing one skill and then another - for example, performing a ballhandling move before driving to the hoop. There aren't drills on this page specifically for mini-plays such as the give 'n  go, or pick 'n roll (see the "Offensive Movement" section for these drills), but some of the drills here will combine these moves with other offensive skills.

The game of basketball is not played one skill at a time.


What you'll find most often on this page are drills that are a little more basic, but that move players from using only one offensive skill in isolation, to using two or three skills in combination. You'll also find many of these drills scattered elsewhere on the site, usually as more advanced drills for the individual skills.

Basketball Skills and Drills
Back Court Drills - Shooting, Passing, Ballhandling

basketball drills and skills

Drills in this section focus on using several of the skills that our guards and small forwards are likely to use.

Drills like the Layup Jumper Drill, which has players performing lay ups and jump shots in succession - also a good drill for post players; or the Crossover to the Hoop drill - a simple crossover dribble followed by a hard drive to the hoop. Or the slightly more complicated Spin Dribble to a Power Drive drill. The Baseline Spin to a Bank Shot drill has players executing a quick spin move before pulling up for a jump shot.

And you can look to other drills to blend in offensive moves like pick 'n roll and cuts, such as the One-Bounce Pickup drill and the Handles to Give 'n Go drill.

Basketball Skills and Drills
Front Court Drills - Post Moves and Rebounding

basketball skills and drills

Drills in this section combine post moves and rebounding skills to produce solid drills to improve our power forwards and centers.

Drills like the Pick Up Drill, that has post players executing jump shots or layups at random. And the Rebound and In Drill, with post players rebounding shots and making the put-backs.

You can also combine offensive moves with individual skills to produce game-like drills like the High Pick 'n Roll, practicing the pick 'n roll offensive move along with a power move down low.

Multi-skill drills become important as you move through the pre-season training and away from straight-forward skills coaching, moving more toward game preparation. As your practice focus shifts away from basic fundamentals and towards game strategy, you can't neglect skills training. But you also won't have the time to spend in practice on single-skill drills. That is where multi-skill drills become so important, allowing you to combine a variety of basketball skills and drills into one drill to save time and provide a more fluid, game-like situation to practice.

Continue to remind players to use good fundamentals, so that their skills continue to improve - but also push them to perform the drills at game-like intensity.

“Discipline yourself, and others won’t need to”

– John Wooden

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