Basketball Skills Training
One-Bounce Pickup

Some basketball skills training will focus on offensive skills like shooting and ballhandling, important skills that we want players to learn and improve. But they can't shoot, no matter how much they practice and become good at it, if they can't get the ball. So this drill centers on two of the most important offensive moves in basketball - the pick 'n roll, and the jab fake.

The One-Bounce Pickup drill is a quick offensive drill that actually practices many skills. The above mentioned jab fake and pick 'n roll are the primary focus, but there is also some dribbling, passing and shooting involved. Although these skills are all executed quickly, you could say that this drill incorporates almost all the basic offensive moves.

But it isn't a drill to be run without first teaching the skills, so be sure you have taught your players how to make an effective jab step and fake, how to set a proper pick, how to roll out of the pick looking for the ball. Make sure the basics are taught first, and then use this drill to practice and perfect these killer moves.

Basketball Skills Training
How the One-Bounce Pickup Drill Works

  • Players are in two lines near the half court line - ensure the lines are spread well across the floor
  • The lead player on the ball side (#1) begins the play with a jab fake down the sideline, and then one strong dribble in to the middle
  • At the same time, the lead player in the other line (player #2) makes a jab fake down his sideline, and then cuts toward the ball carrier.
  • After taking one dribble, player #1 passes to #2 using a strong chest pass.

  • Immediately upon passing, #1 hustles across to set a pick for #2
  • #2 uses a jab fake (as he would to set up his defensive man) and then dribbles hard past #1 toward the opposite side of the court
  • Once #2 speeds past him, #1 rolls out looking for the pass

  • From here, #1 and #2 pass back and forth - no dribbles - as they move down either side of the key.
  • Whoever receives the pass close to the hoop scores

Be sure with this drill that players are moving strong to their positions - quick fakes and cuts, decisive dribbling, strong chest passes. And be sure to keep them spread, so they don't bunch into each other while moving through the drill.

This drill provides great basketball skills training for two of the skills every player needs to know - cuts and pick 'n rolls. Also be sure that players are waiting for the pick to be set and not running in before hand - which in the game would likely cause their pick man to get called for a moving pick.

Refresh your memory for things to look out for in this drill by revisiting the pages on pick 'n rolls and cuts, because the better they can perform these basic offensive moves, the better they will be able to get to the ball and put points on the scoreboard.

“There is no substitution for hustle, and if you don’t hustle there will be substitution”

– Tex Winter

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