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Basketball Shooting Techniques:
The Turnaround Jumper

Post players are not generally thought of as needing much instruction in basketball shooting techniques. After all, how often do most post players find themselves out on the wing, or in three point territory? They are usually inside, banging against other post players, fighting for position or trying to power up a rebound. And these situations don't require great shooting finesse, but do require power and perseverance.

But there is one position that post players often find themselves in that does require a decent shooting touch - the foul line. Not taking foul shots - although that is an area where all post players should be constantly trying to improve - but rather cutting through the key to the high post, looking for the pass in from the wing so that the post player can turn and pop a little, 10 foot jumper before his defensive man catches up with him.

The ability to make a turnaround jumper from the foul line, along with a good drop step and a decent baby hook, will make any post player an offensive threat to be reckoned with.

Basketball Shooting Techniques:
The Fundamentals of the Turnaround Jumper

basketball shooting techniques - turnaround jumper
  • As the post player is cutting to the elbow, his lead hand is raised to give the wing a target

  • The post player needs to be ready for the move - as soon as he sees the pass coming to him, he needs to shuffle his feet so that he catches the ball as he is landing on his inside foot

  • As he is catching the ball, the post player is already beginning the pivot on the inside foot, so that the catch and pivot happen at the same time

    • Note that the post player needs to stay focused - if he is thinking about what he's going to do after he gets the ball, he can bobble the pass.

  • As he is pivoting, the post player drops his weight. This will give him balance, stopping his forward momentum so that he doesn't travel, and it will also set him up to use his leg power in the jump shot to follow

  • The post player uses the pivot to square to the hoop, immediately executing a jump shot once he completes the pivot

Points to Consider when Using this Basketball Shooting Technique

  • As he is pivoting, the post player needs to protect the ball, holding it firmly in both hands, close to his body, bringing it up for the shot along the side of his body (not in front, where it can be stripped away)

  • The pass in to the post player from the wing should be high if possible - around head level - so the post player can keep it above reaching hands. This will also make his shot quicker, since he doesn't have to raise the ball from lower down (when he catches it, it will already be close to the position from which he shoots it)

  • The post player must always follow his shot, going in for the rebound as soon as he releases the ball. Remember that the rebound will usually (about 70% of the time) come back in the direction of the shooter, about two-thirds of the way back

Basketball Shooting Techniques: The Turnaround Jumper
Practice Drill with No Defense

basketball shooting techniques - taj 1
  • To teach this post move, start by having the post player set up on the block alone

  • Have the other post players set up on the opposite wing, one behind the next, with the ball at the wing

  • The post player cuts hard to the opposite elbow, hand raised for the pass. The wing passes the ball using an overhead pass, high so that the post player catches it at head level.

  • Immediately upon catching the ball, the post man performs the pivot and jump shot

  • Focus needs to be on two things:

    • the basketball shooting technique itself - the catch, pivot, and jump shot all in one smooth movement, while maintaining good balance

    • the post player must keep the ball above his shoulders after catching the pass - he cannot drop the ball to waist level and then bring it up for the shot, which is what most post players want to do. By keeping the ball above the shoulders, he will get the shot off faster, something he will want to do in the game when he has his defensive man chasing him.

  • The post man must make the basket - if he misses, he immediately follows his shot, rebounds and puts up a strong power layup - and then outlets the ball back to the wing

  • Give each player two or three practice runs, then switch them up - the post player goes to the end of the line at the wing, and the passer on the wing becomes the post player

Basketball Shooting Techniques: The Turnaround Jumper
2 on 1 Practice Drill

Once the post players are able to execute the turnaround jumper fluidly, add in some more players

basketball shooting techniques - taj 2
  • Players set up as in the diagram, with the post player on the block, a defensive man guarding him, and another offensive player - the screener - across the key. Remaining players are on the opposite wing with the ball

  • The screener sets a pick for the post player, who runs off the pick to the high post

  • The post player receives the pass, squares and takes the jump shot immediately

  • Everyone rebounds

  • It is not just this basketball shooting technique that gets practiced here - this is a good opportunity for the other two players to practice their skills as well

    • The pick set by the screener needs to be a solid screen, executed properly

    • The defensive man must play strong defense and try to fight through the pick

    • When the shot is taken, the offensive player should box out the defensive player and both should fight for the rebound (the post player needs to follow his shot as well).

  • If either of the offensive players gets the rebound, they power the ball up again until they make the basket. If the defensive player gets the rebound, he immediately outlets to the wing.

  • Each player gets two or three practice runs, then switch them up - the post player becomes defense, the defensive player becomes the screener, the passer on the wing becomes the post player, and the screener goes to the end of the line

Basketball Shooting Techniques: The Turnaround Jumper
2 on 2 Practice Drill

After the post players have performed the 2-on-1 practice drill a few times and are comfortable with it, add in one more defensive player so that it becomes a 2-on-2 drill.

This is a more realistic test of the post players' ability to execute this basketball shooting technique in a game situation. Not only must he be able to make the shot under pressure, he also must be able to judge in an instant whether the shot is a good shot to take - no time for hesitation.

basketball shooting techniques - 2on2 1
  • Same as the 2-on-1 practice drill, the screener sets a pick for the post player, who cuts hard to the high post

  • The players play 2 on 2, but are only allowed one pass after the ball is passed in, and when they dribble they are allowed to put the ball on the floor only three times - this encourages them to take the ball straight to the hoop

  • The defense can practice their communication skills, calling for a "switch" if the screen is solid, or "fight through" if the screen is weak.

basketball shooting techniques - 2on2 2
  • The screener must remember to roll out after setting the pick, giving the wing a second target down low

  • This keeps the defense honest, as they now need to worry not just about the post player cutting to the high post, but also about the low post man, and they have to work together to stop them

  • Whichever player gets the pass takes the shot

Variation to this Basketball Shooting Technique

In the 2-on-2 practice drill, the high post needs to see what the defense is doing - if his defensive man is running at him hard, instead of shooting, the high post can fake the shot and drive the lane. The defensive man will be moving too fast towards him to be able to adjust in time. So you can remind the high post player that he has that choice.

Also review with your players that, if the high post does decide to drive past his defensive man, the low post defender may step out to pick him up, and so they have a 2-on-1 situation to play with. If so, insist on strong passes between the post players.

This basketball shooting technique completes the basic skills that a good post player should have - the turnaround jumper, the drop step, and the baby hook. Post players who are able to use these three skills with consistency and accuracy will be a major asset to any team.

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