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Basketball Shooting Drills

Refining the Jump Shot

I say this often - effective drills will simulate game situations, and basketball shooting drills are no different. Once players have worked out a decent shooting form, and have practiced proper jump shot fundamentals, it is time to get them ready to use these skills in game situations. Start them off with these shooting drills for jump shot practice, emphasizing proper basketball shooting form, good concentration and a quick release.

Basketball Shooting Drill: Jumpers Within Chairs

  • Jumping straight up and down is an important part of the jump shot. If the shooter "floats" - moves sideways in the air, which is easy to do when he pulls up on the move - targeting the basket becomes much harder

  • Place three chairs directly in front of the basket - one chair in the middle of the free throw line, the other two chairs on either side of the first, pulled forward a couple of feet to the top of the circle, so that the three chairs form a U shape

  • Players form a line at the three point line, a step or two to the side and one dribble away from the chairs

  • The first player dribbles into the U, pulls up and takes a jump shot, careful not to hit any of the chairs

  • The player then rebounds, passes the ball out to the next person in line without a ball, and goes to the end of the line

Basketball Shooting Drill: Jumpers Around the Key

  • Five players are spaced around the key, 10 feet from the basket, each player with a ball - these are the passers

  • Two players set up inside the key to rebound the ball back to the passers

  • The shooter starts at one end of the semi-circle, about 15 feet out, receives the pass from the first passer, and takes the jump shot

  • The shooter immediately moves to the next passer, receives the ball, and takes the jumper

  • The shooter continues around the key, shooting at each spot, then reverses direction and shoots another five shots moving around the key

  • Inform players to get shots off as quickly as they can, and to focus on fundamentals - good reception of pass, square, good jump, quick release, and then move quickly to the next position (don't stand their watching the shot).

  • Players count shots made and track results

Basketball Shooting Drill: Pairs Shooting Drill

  • Players pair up, each pair with a ball

  • Players set up on opposite sides of the key, in positions where they would normally shoot from (e.g., perimeter players would line up with one on the right wing and one on the left wing; post players would choose spots closer to the hoop)

  • The first player shoots, follows his shot to rebound, and then passes quickly out to the second player; the first player then immediately finds a new spot on the floor

  • The second player receives the pass and shoots immediately, following his shot and passing out to the first player

  • The second player then finds a new spot to shoot from

  • The drill continues with the players choosing different positions on the court - corners, top of the key, baseline, etc.

  • Post players can work on their post moves - drop step, baby hook, turnaround jumper

  • After two minutes, rotate different players into the drill

A couple of reminders:

  • Always enforce good form - the more often they use good form, the more likely it will be that they will use good form automatically, in games as well as practices.

  • Also encourage a quick release - in a game situation players will not have time to set up - they will need to be able to catch the ball and immediately shoot it. The quicker they release the ball, the more likely they will get a shot off in a game.

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