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Basketball Shooting Drills:
1 Minute Shooting

Some basketball shooting drills become drills you go back to every year - the 1 Minute Shooting Drill is one of these drills. The drill has each player shooting continuously for 1 minute, while two other players rebound and outlet the ball to him. It can be tiresome for the shooter, especially the first couple of times players perform it - 1 minute doesn't sound like a lot of time, but shooting constantly for that length of time will make your shoulders ache.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on in this basketball shooting drill:

  • Focus on form and technique, shooting properly every time - while this is a timed drill and they will count the number made, it is most important that players teach their muscles to move in the same way every shot so that it becomes second nature every time the pick up the ball

  • Players need to be prepared to shoot as soon as they receive the ball - i.e., as the ball approaches them, they should already be dropping into a shooting stance

  • Immediately upon releasing the shot, players prepare to receive the next pass and take the next shot - they don't stand watching their shot

  • When rebounding, be quick to follow your shot and grab the rebound

  • Rebounders and passers get the ball quickly to shooters so that they aren't standing around waiting for the ball

How this Basketball Shooting Drill Works

  • Players take up three positions - one shooter, one rebounder, one passer

  • The drill begins with one ball with the shooter, and a second ball with the passer

  • On the whistle, the shooter shoots from where he would in a game

  • Immediately upon releasing the shot, the shooter moves to a new shooting position (options below)

  • The passer outlets the ball to the shooter

  • The rebounder rebounds the first shot and passes the ball to the passer, while the shooter takes his second shot

  • The shooter immediately takes up a new shooting position

Where Should the Shooter Move?

If the shooter is a Guard

  • If the shooter is a guard, have him move from one wing to the next, cutting through the key.
  • Place the passer at the foul line

1 minute basketball shooting drill

If the shooter is a Forward or Center

  • If the shooter is a forward or a center, have him cut from foul line to base line and back, receiving the pass at the foul line.
  • Place the passer at the wing

1 minute basketball shooting drill

If the shooter is a Wing

  • If the shooter is a wing or your main 3 point shooter, have him move from one corner to the next, or from one side of the three point arc to the next.
  • Place the passer at the foul line

1 minute basketball shooting drill

Have players count the number of shots they make in one minute and keep track. This will allow you to gage progress and give your players a target to shoot for each time they perform this drill. A great way to motivate your players and to focus their efforts.

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