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Basketball Rebounding Drills:
Superman Drill

Effective basketball rebounding drills are essential to developing a successful team. Simply put, good rebounding wins games - it provides second shot opportunities on offense, while shutting down the second shot opportunities of the other teams when we are on defense. In short, it puts points on our side of the scoreboard and keeps points off their side of the basketball scoreboard.

Good basketball rebounders seem to instinctively know where the ball will come off the rim, and they are there ready to grab the rebound. But there is more hustle and less magic involved in players being in good position to rebound.

This basketball rebounding drill focuses on getting the rebounder to hustle into position for the rebound.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on:

  • This is more than anything else, a hustle drill - players need to move quickly into position, so that they are able to jump high for the rebound - it isn't enough just that they are under the ball when it drops into their hands

  • This is a continuous drill - players rebound, toss, rebound, toss - so if they perform the drill well, players should be breathing hard at the end - but they need to hustle right to the end, just as they would in the game

  • It is important for the player to square his feet for the rebound - i.e., turn his body in the direction of the ball - and while doing so, to bend his knees and drop his weight so that he can use all his leg power to spring up as high as possible for the rebound. If the player simply tries to rebound straight-legged - i.e., using only his calf muscles to jump - he will never get height and will always risk being out-rebounded

How this Basketball Rebounding Drill Works

  • The player begins on the block, with a ball

  • On the whistle, the player tosses the ball high on the backboard, near the center of the board - i.e., the ball should rebound on the opposite side, without ricocheting off the rim

  • Immediately upon tossing the ball up, the player flashes to the other side of the basket, squaring beneath the ball, and leaps for the rebound
basketball rebounding drill - superman

  • Immediately upon rebounding the ball and landing on the floor again, the player tosses the ball high on the backboard, so that the rebound is on the opposite side of the basket again

  • Again, the player flashes to the other side of the basket, squaring beneath the ball, and jumps for the rebound - using all his leg power to do so
basketball rebounding drill - superman

The player continues in this manner, focusing on getting to the position quickly and rebounding high and hard every time, for 30 seconds. Then another player takes his place and he rests.

This is a very demanding basketball rebounding drill if done properly - if the players rush into position and jump as high as they can, every time - and by the end of the 30 seconds, players should be quite tired. And better prepared to rebound in the game.

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