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Basketball Rebounding Drill:
3 on 3 Box Out

This basketball rebounding drill focuses on getting the defensive rebound. There really is no reason to lose a defensive board. If your players are playing decent defense, they should already be in the best position to rebound when the shot goes up, between their opponent and the basket, and so the ball should come to them first. Since proper defensive play dictates that your men know where the ball is at all times, they should know the moment the ball is shot. And even if they don't, the man who is guarding the shooter should call out "shot!" the moment the ball is shot, so everyone knows the shot has been taken. And yet we still lose defensive rebounds.

This basketball rebounding drill - the 3 on 3 Box Out Drill - develops players' abilities to box out their opponents and keep them away from the defensive boards. If they can do this well, they'll never lose another defensive board.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on:

  • Play proper defense until the ball is shot - game situation

  • When the ball is shot, the rebounder needs to wait and watch before spinning into the opponent to box out - he needs to see which way the opponent is going to move to the basket

  • When boxing the opponent, you must make contact - the rebounder's butt needs to swing around hard onto the opponent's thigh, to stall him a moment

  • The moment the contact is made, the rebounder must explode to the boards looking for the rebound - if the contact made is good, his opponent should be stalled for a good second or so

  • Aggressively take the board, and land with feet apart and elbows out, protecting the ball.

    • NOTE: about 70% of the time, shots will bounce back in the same direction as they were shot, and will come most of the way back to the shooter. Players should adjust for this fact when they are rebounding - learn to read the shot.

How this Basketball Rebounding Drill Works

  • Players set up on the court in two groups of three, paired off 3 against 3

  • Two coaches stand outside the 3 point line, passing the ball back and forth

  • Players on defense move appropriately, as if they were denying the ball as it moved about the court

basketball rebounding drill - 3 on 3 box out

  • Without warning, one of the coaches shoots

  • Immediately, the three defensive players look to box out their opponents - the offensive players move aggressively to rebound the shot

  • Once the shot is rebounded, the ball is outlets to the closest coach and the drill resets

basketball rebounding drill - 3 on 3 box out

This drill lends itself well to being run as a competition - each team of 3 gets five shots at rebounding the ball. For every rebound they don't get - i.e., for every time the offense gets the rebound - the team must drop and give five pushups. Then they switch - the three defense go out, the three offense become defense, and three new guys become offense.

This is a great basketball rebounding drill for improving boxing out and rebounding skills. With repetition, boxing out becomes second nature and players do it automatically in the game - getting lots more rebounds!

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