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Basketball Post Player Drills

Help Them Hold their Own

Some of the best basketball post player drills are also the simplest. You could say this about any kind of drill, I guess - the simpler the drill, the more likely the lesson will stick. But these particular drills are simple but effective ways to make your post players tougher in the paint and better rebounders.

Playing basketball underneath the hoop is a different game than playing it above the three point line, and requires a different skill set. Always surrounded by big bodies working against you, post players are constantly trying to gain or keep their position. This requires balance, strength, aggression, and quite a lot of contact. That's what these drills are all about.

These drills focus on getting and keeping position as players would during rebounding - specifically, getting into that low, power position that gives you leverage. For post players these skills are equally important when executing offensive moves - the drop step, for instance, requires much of the same physical movement as a rebound.

So remind post players to get into that power position quickly - low center of gravity, wide stance, knees bent so that legs are in sitting position, and butt making contact with the man they are boxing out. Trying to box out when you are standing straight up is a recipe for a face plant.

Basketball Post Player Drills: Box Out

  • The drill calls for at least four players, though you could have the entire team out on the court at the same time. The only real requirement is that you have an even number of players out at any one time.

  • Pair them up according to position and height, circled around the ball in the middle. One player in each pair will be offense, the other partner will be defense, with the defensive players on the inside closer to the ball.

  • On the coach's whistle, offensive players go hard to the ball; defensive players box them out.

  • Offensive players use offensive rebounding moves to try to get around the defense; defensive players work on proper box-out technique, keep their stance nice and wide and weight low, and be sure to make contact.

  • After 3 seconds the coach blows the whistle again, and players rotate from offense to defense.
Basketball Post Player Drills - Box Out

Basketball Post Player Drills: Back to Back

This drill is even simpler than the first drill, and can be done with as few as two players. Again, as long as you have an even number of players on the court at the one time, this drill will work just fine.

  • Have your players stand back to back, standing straight up, one on either side of the foul line and in the center of the circle.

  • On the coach's whistle, both players immediately drop into box out stance, making contact with their backs and butts. Their goal is to push the other player out of the circle, but they must remain in proper box out position, back to back, and not slide off each other.

  • Whichever player pushes the other out of the circle wins. Make it a contest of best of 5 or 7, with the loser running wind sprints or suicides.
Basketball Post Player Drills - Pressure

Both are good, simple basketball post player drills that set the post men in challenging, pressure situations and allow them to work on their positioning as well as their inside moves. You will find that not only rebounding will improve, but so will aggression levels and confidence in general - two qualities that lead to more points on your side of the scoreboard.

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