Basketball Post Player Drills
The Post Action Drill

Most basketball post player drills focus on one skill, one post move that big men need to know. The mikan drill is probably the most often used big man drill, and effective at developing a post player's ability to score directly under the hoop.

What is great about the Post Action drill, though, is that it practices several moves at once, which gives your big men a great basketball workout in a fast paced, game-like situation.

Practicing many basketball moves in one flowing drill, the Post Action drill is a drill to use after you have taught all these skills - a drill that you can add to practices later in the pre-season on a regular basis to cement the skills in your post players' muscle memories.

Basketball Post Player Drills
The Post Action Drill


  • The drill requires 6 players. so in a full practice divide the team half on one end of the court, half on the other
  • Your 6 players are set up as the diagram shows - one shooter (1), 4 passers (2-5) and one rebounder (R)
  • Two passers (2 and 3 to begin) each have a ball

Shot #1

  • The first passer (#2) passes the ball in to the shooter
  • Make this a proper post up and pass in (game situation)
  • The shooter executes a power move - a drop step - to score.

Move to Shot #2

  • Immediately the shooter cuts hard to the foul line elbow, looking for the pass from the second passer (#3)
  • At the same time, the rebounder is pulling down the ball and passing out to the third passer (#4)

Shot #2

  • The shooter receives the pass at the foul line elbow, squares and shoots a turn-around jump shot

Move to Shot #3

  • The shooter immediately sprints down the lane to the block, executes a jab step and a V-cut to cut hard to the opposite foul line elbow
  • Again, shot #2 is rebounded and outletted to the next passer (#5)

Shot #3

  • The shooter receives the pass at the foul line elbow, squares and shoots another turn-around jump shot
  • The rebounder pulls down the third shot and steps out of the way for the shooter's drive

Shot #4

  • Immediately upon shooting, the shooter then cuts hard to the basket, receiving the pass from the final passer (#4) and takes the ball in for a power layup
  • As an option, to add some pressure, have the rebounder step up to front the drive, and force your shooter to power over him

Unlike other basketball post player drills, the Post Action drill combines several types of shots along with offensive movement. It is a quick drill, and effective at simulating the hectic pace of a game.

Be sure to have your players running this in game-style tempo - hard cuts, hard passes, quick moves. You could also run it again in reverse, and change some of the moves (e.g., the first move could be a baby hook instead of a drop step.)

A great post drill to use in practices that will help develop your players' post moves.

"A race is not well-run unless you've crossed the finish line knowing that you couldn't have kept going for one more step. If you could have, then you didn't give it everything you had."

- Jackie Dugall