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Basketball Passing Drills:
Full Court Chest Pass

Most basketball passing drills emphasize the chest pass, as it is the most often used pass in the game of basketball - or at least, it should be. This is a simple basketball drill that has players passing to each other all the way up the court, and possibly finishing with a layup. A good reinforcement once passing skills have been taught.

Instructions to Players

Here's what players need to focus on:

  • Two-handed chest passes only

  • The receiver will be moving, so the passer needs to lead him an appropriate distance

  • Receiver should not need to break his stride - footwork should be such that the receiver catches the pass in mid-stride, as he is putting his foot on the floor; he then passes back immediately, as he is starting the next step ahead

  • Players shuffle up court, facing each other - they do not run

  • The final pass may lead to a layup - this is optional, as the drill is a passing drill, not a fast break drill - players need to focus on good passing

How this Basketball Passing Drill Works

  • Players line up in two lines about the width of the key apart, facing each other

  • One ball is held by the player in one line

  • On the coach's signal, the players at the front of each line shuffle up court, passing the ball back and forth with good solid chest passes

  • When they reach the far end, the player who receives the last pass may take the ball in for a layup

basketball passing drill - full court chest pass

  • The pair then shuffles back down the court in the same manner, passing the ball off to the next two in line

This is a simple basketball passing drill but effective, with a good focus on proper chest passes. I use this drill soon after teaching the chest pass - it isn't as complicated as the 3 man weave, and because it isn't a fast break drill, with no change of direction required, the focus of the drill can remain on passing.

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