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Basketball Passing Drill:
The Point Passing Drill

This is a great basketball passing drill for several reasons:

  • It focuses on proper fundamentals of the chest pass
  • It makes the player at the point focus on receiving the ball and quickly - instantly - snap it back - i.e., it improves hand-eye coordination
  • It's fun and players love it

This drill focuses on good chest passing form and passing with speed. Players are likely to begin the drill with decent passing form, but as the drill speeds up, their form is likely to deteriorate. Remind them to pass with good form throughout.

The Point Passing Drill

basketball passing drill - point passing drill

  • In groups of 4-6, players line up in a semi-circle with one player (point player) in the middle of the semi-circle, facing the rest. Players on the semi circle should be about 10 feet from the point player.

  • Point player has a ball and the first player in the half circle - #2 - has another ball

  • The point player starts the drill by passing to the #3 player in the semi-circle

  • Immediately after the point player passes to #3, #2 passes to the point player

  • The point player catches the pass and immediately passes to #4, then shifts to receive the pass from #3

  • The drill continues in this way back and forth, with all passers passing as soon as they receive the ball - always using proper fundamentals

  • Stress moving the ball quickly and for the point player to always know where the next pass will be coming from

  • After 30 seconds to a minute, switch a different player into the point position and continue on

This is a great basketball passing drill to slip into your practices, especially good for any of these situations:

  • if you are running stations, this makes a great passing station
  • if you have one line on the court running a play, the second line can be on the sidelines doing this drill
  • before games - particularly if you are playing the second game in a double header and you are waiting off court while the first game finishes

Always insist on and enforce good passing fundamentals - good chest passes - throughout.

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