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Basketball Offensive Moves:
The Drop Step

There are two main basketball offensive moves that post players need to know when playing down low: the drop step and the baby hook. Executed well, these two moves will put points on the board every game.

The drop step is probably the more important of the two moves for post players to know, since the baby hook begins with a drop step as well.

The Fundamentals of this Basketball Offensive Move

basketball offensive moves - drop step
  • The post player sets up above the block, straddling the second hash mark, with his back to the basket. If his defensive man is doing his job, he should be pushed up against the post player, trying to deny the pass in from the wing

  • The post player needs to drop his weight - he'll likely be backing up against his defensive player anyway - with his knees bent, back straight and feet shoulder width apart. One arm is raised and extended, giving the ball carrier on the wing a target

  • The drop step will be on the baseline side - i.e., the defensive player must be denying on the top side of the post player. So the hand raised as target needs to be the hand on the baseline side

  • When the post player receives the pass, he is immediately going to pivot toward the baseline, moving the baseline-side foot. With this pivot, several things must happen:

    • The step with the baseline-side foot needs to be long enough to land behind the defensive player

    • At the same time, the post player needs to make solid contact with the defensive player. The post player's butt needs to hit the defensive player's thigh hard - he can't push through him, but he needs to make the hit hard enough so that the defensive player is jolted and frozen for a second

    • The post player is also going to dribble once - a hard deliberate dribble that hits the floor at the same time as the foot being swept behind the defensive man hits the floor

    • The pivot and baseline foot swinging back, the hit to the defensive man's thigh, and the dribble all essentially happen at the same time

  • The post player completes the turn, squaring to the hoop. He is now positioned on the other side of the defensive player - with a clear shot at the basket

  • The post player makes a strong, quick power layup

The video below gives a pretty good demonstration of the move, and the movement as shown in the video would be a good introductory drill to use for the move. Keep in mind, though, that in the video the coach has the post men stepping both left and right - i.e., toward the baseline as well as into the key. When they are stepping into the key, the player is really performing a baby hook, so you may want to teach the baby hook first before using this as a drill.

More DIY videos at

The drop step is a strong basketball offensive move - it is a quick, powerful move that does more than set the post player up for a good shot - it also establishes him as a power player, someone who is decisive and strong and someone the defense will quickly become intimidated by.

Every post player needs to know how to execute a good drop step, and needs to practice it over and over again in game like situations until it becomes second nature and the player can use it naturally and authoritatively in the game. Teach the fundamentals of the move well and then incorporate some good, basic practice drills for the drop step into your practices.

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