Basketball Jump Shot Drill
The Lay-up Jumper Drill

Once players are taught the basketball jump shot - taught the basic fundamentals of shooting a jump shot, and then practiced with some basic jump shot drills, we can start to add in to practice some multi-skill drills with one focus being on shooting the basketball.

Multi-skill drills with a shooting component usually include the jump shot - in game situations, after all, we rarely have the opportunity to shoot a set shot. But what we want to see is more of a game situation - choices to shoot or drive, for example. There are plenty of these drills scattered throughout the site, but this one is a good one to start with.

The Layup-Jumper Drill is very straight-forward - no defense involved, just layups and jump shots, one after the next. But an additional benefit to this drill is that it has a conditioning element added in, as players work to perform the drill as many times they can in the time allowed.

Basketball Jump Shot Drill
Setting up the Lay-up Jumper Drill

  • This is a 3-player drill, with the shooter - #1 - beginning at the bottom of the circle facing the basket; #2 and #3 are at about the blocks, preparing to rebound.
  • A basketball is set at each corner of the foul line

Basketball Jump Shot Drill
Running the Lay-up Jumper Drill

  • On the whistle, #1 turns and sprints to the foul line corner to his right
  • He picks up the ball, turns and drives hard to the hoop, laying the ball in using his right hand

Note: from the foul line, players should only need one dribble to get to the hoop

  • Immediately upon making the layup, #1 sprints to the opposite foul line corner and picks up the second ball
  • At the same time, #2 rebounds the layup and replaces the ball on the right hand corner of the foul line.

  • #1 squares to the hoop and shoots a jump shot from the left hand corner of the foul line - no dribble
  • Immediately, #1 sprints across the foul line to pick up the other ball (just replaced by #2) and drive for a right hand layup
  • #3, meanwhile, is rebounding the jump shot and returning the ball to the left hand corner of the foul line.

Basketball Jump Shot Drill
Timing the Lay-up Jumper Drill

Each player will do this continuously for 30-60 seconds (30 seconds the first time, building up to 60 seconds later on), with players alternating between shooting and rebounding.

The drill will then run a second circuit, in which each player performs the drill again, this time switching the layup to the left hand side (being sure to dribble and lay it in with the left hand) and shooting jump shots on the right hand side.

Thus, the complete drill would run for 3-6 minutes (2 circuits (left and right) for each player).

Players running this for 30-60 seconds non-stop should be breathing hard by the end of their circuit. Rebounders must remember to be quick to rebound the ball and get it back to the starting spot, as the shooter should be sprinting from one spot to the next.

Have players count the number of shots and layups they make in each circuit to keep them focused and to judge improvement from one circuit to the next. One nice thing about this drill is that players are likely to make the majority of their layups, which will encourage them to keep at it even if they start missing their shots.

And be sure to caution the shooters not to stand there watching their shots - as soon as they release the shot they need to sprint to the next shot to keep the drill moving.

“If you don’t feel you have something to prove every day, you’ll never improve”

– Billy Donovan

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