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Basketball Drills and Plays:
One Bounce Pickup

Basketball drills and plays that allow you to practice many different skills in a game-like setting are invaluable. Being able to practice several skills in the same 5 minute block of time helps you practice more in less time. This is essentially a basketball passing drill, with additional work for developing other basketball fundamentals.

This passing drill is a fairly simple drill, but with good focus on a couple of fundamental skills and abilities. Use this drill after you have taught the basic movements - this is also a good drill to use from time to time as a refresher, when players start to get a little lazy.

Basketball Drills and Plays:
One Bounce Pickup

basketball drills and plays - one bounce pickup

  • Players are organized into two lines, each line at the half and about half-way between the circle and sideline on either side (see diagram)

  • The first few players on the left side - with player #1 at the head of the line - have balls

  • The drill begins with player #1 making a jab fake away from the center, and then driving hard toward the center - one dribble only

  • After one dribble, player #1 passes (strong chest pass) to the first player in the opposite line (player #2)

  • Player #2 jab fakes away and then comes strong towards the center to receive the ball, making a two foot stop upon receiving the pass

  • Immediately upon passing, player #1 sprints across court to set a screen for player #2

  • Player #2 jab fakes away from the center, then drives hard around player #1's pick

  • Player #1 rolls out after player #2 passes him, and players #1 and #2 both drive to the basket, passing the ball back and forth across the key.

  • The player close enough to the hoop to take a layup without the need for a dribble finishes off the drill by making the lay up.

  • The two players then return to the end of the opposite line.

Be sure that players perform the drill with intensity, and use this drill to correct any problems you find in players' abilities to execute these basic skills.

It is not a very difficult drill - in fact, it would probably be a good drill to run with youth basketball teams as well as varsity. But this is one of those little basketball drills and plays that accomplishes a lot - players practice jab steps and fakes, dribbling and passing, setting screens and rolling out. Lots of skills worked with one little drill.

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