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Basketball Dribbling Drills:
Control Dribble Drills

These basketball dribbling drills focus on the control dribble. The first set of drills help players control the ball, and they should be done every day as players warm up before practice, as well as any other time they happen to be standing around with a ball waiting for something (waiting for breakfast, waiting in the line-up for a movie, whatever)

Performing these basketball dribbling drills religiously will help players "feel" the ball - help them understand how the basketball moves and reacts, and how they can move the ball in the way they want.


Up and Downs

Players dribble the ball at waist height. Gradually, they dribble the ball harder and harder, letting the ball bounce higher and higher but always keeping their hand above the ball and never having to jump to control it.

Then they push the ball lower and lower, crouching as the ball begins bouncing below waist level, even getting down on one knee to continue dribbling the ball as close to the floor as possible, until the ball stops bouncing.

Then the player pounds on the ball to get it started again, and gradually dribbles the ball harder and harder until he is dribbling back at waist level again.

Repeat with the other hand.


Players dribble the ball at waist height, then suddenly "kill" the ball by dribbling it as low as they can.

They dribble as low as they can for a few seconds, then bring it back up to waist height.

Repeat several times with each hand.

Back and Forth Between the Legs

In a crouch, with one leg in front of the other, the player dribbles the ball back and forth between the legs using a strong, controlled V-dribble.

Mix up the rhythms - steady at first, but then two quick dribbles followed by two slow dribbles, then three quick and two slow, etc.

Repeat with the other leg forward.

Crossover Dribble

Players dribble the ball with their right hand on the right side of their body. As they are about to cross over, they jab their right foot down hard, as if they are going to sprint to the right. But instead of sprinting to the right, they are going to use that right foot to push off to the left.

They then dribble the ball low across the front of their body using a strong, controlled V-dribble, picking up the ball with the left hand to dribble on their left side.

After dribbling on the left side once or twice, they jab hard with their left foot, and cross-over dribble again back to the right.


Onside Dribble

Players dribble the ball with their right hand on the right side. Then they dribble as if to cross-over, bouncing the ball across in front of them and shifting their upper body as if they are moving left.

But instead of the left hand picking up the dribble, the right hand stays with the ball, moving over the ball to the left side of the ball - almost, but not quite, cupping the ball - and pushing the ball back to the right side.

Repeat several times with both hands.

These are basic basketball dribbling drills that will help your players improve their ball handling fundamentals. Once you feel they have good fundamental skills, move them on to the more advanced drills you can find in the Crossover Moves and More page or in the Dribbling Drills page, but always stress in practice the importance of proper fundamentals.

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