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Basketball Dribbling Drill:
The Speed Dribble

This basketball dribbling drill focuses on the speed dribble. Even if you don't have a fast-breaking game strategy, and you prefer your team to walk the ball upcourt and set up your offense, there will be times your players get the oppotuinty to fast break, and they need to be able to dribble with speed.

To get the ball upcourt fast, the player needs to sacrifice a little control - but not all control. Here's a simple drill to help players learn to control the ball while they are running the court.

Developing the Speed Dribble

  • Players line up on the baseline, on the right-hand side of the basket

  • The first player in line speed-dribbles down the court using the right hand

  • When he reaches the far three point line, he angles into the basket for the lay-up

  • He gets his own rebound and speed dribbles back up the court, repeating the drill on the opposite side - still dribbling right handed

  • The next player in line starts as soon as the player ahead of him reaches half

  • After each player repeats this several times with the right hand, have them switch sides and perform the drill several times with the left hand

  • Players need to focus on two things: speed while keeping control of the ball, and finishing the lay-up

  • Have the players race against the clock - give them a 1-minute time limit - and they must make a set number of baskets, with consequences if they don't - sprints or suicides or pushups
basketball dribbling drill - speed dribble

Once you feel your players have developed decent fundamental skills, move them on to some more advanced basketball dribbling drills or to the Dribbling Drills page, but always stress in practice the importance of proper fundamentals.

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