Basketball Court Dimensions
From the NBA to High School

Basketball court dimensions can vary dramatically depending on the league you play in - but while every league decides which set of dimensions it will use, there are only a few sources of court dimensions to choose from. That's what you will find here on this page - dimensions for the more popular courts. If you are looking for diagrams of these courts, you will find them on the court diagrams page.

If you are coaching youth sports for the first time, particularly if you are coaching basketball for the first time, you'll want to know the dimensions of the court your team will be playing on. A quick web search will turn up lots of diagrams - I've included here the most often used diagrams. The first diagram below is the most inclusive diagram I've found so far - it includes dimensions for all of the major basketball organizations - but it may be a little confusing so I've also added in diagrams for individual organizations.

Keep in mind that there can be some variety in the basketball court dimensions even within the same age groups, depending on the organization your league has chosen to be part of or whose rules you have chosen to adhere to. The diagrams below are up to date as of when I've written this page, and I will continue to review any changes and update, but ensure you know which governing organization your league follows so you can be sure you are using the right dimensions.

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Basketball Court Dimensions
All-Inclusive Diagram & NBA

All Court Types:
Basketball Court Dimensions - An All-Inclusive Court
NBA Court Dimensions:
Basketball Court Dimensions - NBA

Link to the rule book for NBA.

FIBA (International) & NCAA

FIBA (International) Court Dimensions:
Basketball Court Dimensions - FIBA
NCAA Court Dimensions:
Basketball Court Dimensions - NCAA

Links to the rule books for FIBA and the NCAA.

High School

High School Court Dimensions:
Basketball Court Dimensions - HS

Like I said above, occasionally your league may change its rules - I know I've coached in a league that started out using FIBA dimensions, but then modified it's court when it felt too much emphasis was being placed on relatively easy-to-make three pointers. It adopted the NBA three point line to make the three pointer more challenging, and we had to adapt.

So it's good to have access to the dimensions of different courts, just in case you need them. Just make sure you know which dimensions are relevant for your basketball court.

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