Basketball Court Diagrams
Visualizing and Organizing Your Coaching

I find basketball court diagrams are useful to have, even when you have plays and drills laid out for you. I like to sketch, to change things around on paper and make them a little more 'mine', because it helps me visualize what I want to see happen in the game and in practice. Visualization is important to any basketball coach's success - you need to see what will happen in your head before it will happen on the court. So to help with this, I've always considered some rather humble basketball court diagrams to be very effective basketball training aids.

Sure, some basketball software will accomplish the same final product (and maybe look a little more polished than my penciled-in scratch marks), and I usually transfer my play ideas from paper to computer once I've thrashed them out - always helpful if you are explaining them to players or other coaches (I use a free software tool called "Jes-Soft" - it's been around for a long time). But before I start tapping away at the computer I always find pencil and paper to be a good way to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe I'm just a tactile person, I don't know.

If you tend to work like me, and would prefer to visualize your plays and drills with pencil and paper, at least at the beginning, here are a few resources you will probably find useful, to help you diagram your basketball plays and perhaps change up or better understand how to run some basketball drills.

The following diagrams are thumbnails - to get larger copies to download, click on the thumbnail to enlarge, then right click on the enlarged diagram to "save picture as" to your desktop and print it out.

Basketball Court Diagrams
Half Court and Full Court

Half-Court Diagram:
Basketball Court Diagrams - Half Court
Full-Court Diagram:
Basketball Court Diagrams - Full Court

Basketball Court Diagrams

Multi-Court Diagrams

Assuming you are diagramming options for basketball offenses or multi-step basketball drills, you would likely get a fair bit of use out of these diagrams:

6 half court diagrams:
Basketball Court Diagrams - 6 Half Courts
3 full court diagrams:
Basketball Court Diagrams - 3 Full Court

These are simple, basic basketball diagrams, left blank for you to scribble on - they always help me organize my thoughts and get a much better idea of what I want to see from my team during basketball games or practices. If you are marking out a court, or simply want to know the dimensions of courts from various leagues, check out this page on Basketball Court Dimensions.

There are more resources I use to help me visualize, organize, simplify the game for both myself and for my players. These basketball court diagrams are probably the most basic but most useful resources for me when I am trying get it straight in my head what my players will be doing out on the court. I'll add more resources as I develop this page, so don't be a stranger, keep coming back.

"Other people go to the office. I get to coach. I know I've been blessed."

- Jim Valvano

Looking for something more visual?

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