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The best basketball coaching information comes from experience - often our own experience, but also from our observation of other coaches' experience. If you want to pick up the best ideas, you observe the best. Which is why Derek Kellogg's eBasketball Drills is a great basketball resource to have close at hand.

Derek Kellogg is the head basketball coach at the Univeristy of Massachusetts. Impressive? He's also one of the youngest Division 1 coaches in the country. And just to add a little more authority to his credentials, he played for and was the assistant coach for the great John Calipari, who has this to say about Coach Kellogg:

"It is tough to find a coach out there who can mirror Derek's basketball mind, and the way he can teach the game to players/coaches at every level."
- John Calipari, Head Coach, University of Kentucky Men's Basketball

Basketball Coaching Information
The eBasketball Drills Offer

I have a healthy ego, granted, and I feel I know enough basketball coaching information to pass on a few ideas to others - thus, this website. But I don't pretend to have Coach Kellogg's level of experience. And I also don't have the time available in my day to put together what he has in his eBasketball Drills.

What makes this program so good? You get video of Coach Kellogg's basketball clinics, so you get to see how he coaches. You get access to a vibrant coaches forum where you can network with coaches from all over the globe, at all levels of play. But more than that, you get 50+ drills demonstrated on video - you get to see the drills planned out and then played out in the gym. Which is really what you want, isn't it? You can read instructions all day long, but seeing them put to practice makes everything clearer.

Basketball Coaching Information
What Subscribers Have to Say

Here's what people have to say about it:

"I could not be happier to join the Coach Kellogg community with some of the best basketball content I have ever seen. Not only have we improved our team applying the same strategies, with team and individual drills, but eBasketballDrills has provided me a forum to network with the global coaching world, which has opened up endless opportunities for me to move up the ladder in my career."
- Brian Edmonds, Division 3 College Assistant Coach, Atlanta, GA

"If you want to improve your team, you have come to the right place. Coach Kellogg is one of the most cerebral coaches I have come across when searching for a mentor to help improve our team. He has learned from one of the best basketball minds in the game in John Calipari, and you will soon see why. You will not be disappointed !!!"
- John Walker, Coach of 16-year-old AAU Boys team, Memphis, TN

And from a player's point of view:

"Applying Coach Kellogg's drills has improved my skills, agility and toughness on so many levels. I have now opened up many eyes amongst college coaches."
- Brian Sullivan, 15-year-old boys player, Boston, MA

Good testimonials and you'll find lots more on the eBasketball Drills website, as well as a wealth of basketball coaching information.

A little about Coach Kellogg:

Take a look at the program and evaluate it for yourself. Click on one of the links on this page or on the button below and read what the site has to say, and see if it looks like a good program to you. And if you find another program that you believe provides better basketball coaching information and drills, please send me a note and let me know because I'm always willing to try new training methods.

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