Basketball Coaching Information
Never Stop Learning

We are always looking for more basketball coaching information, something else to add to our library of knowledge, a new drill to improve our team's rebounding, or a play to capitalize on that new 6'5" point guard that just transferred into our school (as if that happens every year!). Because we're trying to improve with every basketball practice.

Conditioning, skills, offensive and defensive sets - every aspect of the game has as many ways to approach it as we have people to coach it, and while I try to put up as much on this site as I can to provide my views, there are many other views and a wide variety of drills and approaches out there.

So here are a few links that you can check out for more information, more ideas, more ways to make stronger, successful teams. Take a look, see if anything resonates with you, and don't be shy with contacting me with feedback or suggestions.

Basketball Coaching Information
Skills 'n Drills

John Wooden's Site: They call him Coach, and for good reason. The man was a legend, still is. Always something to learn from Coach Wooden.

Basketball HQ: A great site that offers good advice, drills and plays for coaches and players at all levels. Some good drills on video as well - check it out.

Medifast Plan's "Shape-Up Playing Basketball" Page: Medifast wouldn't have been my first place to look for basketball coaching advice, but this page on the Medifast Plan site has some good links to basketball drills, exercises, and information on topics like nutrition and hydration. Thanks to Cody for pointing me in the direction.

Basketball Coaching Information
Coaching Products

Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions: Championship Productions carries some great DVDs that present a huge selection from coaches like Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski, and Bob Hurley, on a wide assortment of coaching topics - e.g., running Motion and Zone Offense, Practice Planning & Program Development, Building a Multiple Defensive System, and Developing Perimeter Players, to name just a few. A good resources to check out.

eBasketballdrills: Taught by Coach Derek Kellogg of UMass, this is a series of video drills and coaching clinics. A focus on the basics, a good place to learn some good ideas from an experienced coach.

Basketball Coaching Information
Basketball Leagues and Organizations



NBA: The home page of the National Basketball Association. Keep up to date on scores and players, but best of all are the video clips from games - I love showing my players the "assists of the night" - can often be great teaching tools.

WNBA: The home page of the Women's National Basketball Association. Like the NBA site, but great women's basketball - particularly good if you coach women and are looking for some role models for them to identify with.

JrNBA: A sub-site off the NBA home page, this is all the news and updates from the NBA but written for kids, with video and even games that they can interact with. Like Sports Illustrated for Kids, it's a great way to get them involved and interested.


NCAA Basketball

The National Collegiate Athletic Association - fantastic basketball, in my opinion better ball to watch than the NBA. Teams playing like teams, so few superstars dominating the game, and incredible crowds.

Men's NCAA Basketball

Women's NCAA Basketball


FIBA Basketball

The International Basketball Federation (its French name is Federation Internationale de Basketball - thus, FIBA) - really good basketball, something of a cross between NCAA and NBA. Good strong players, but still play like a team. And many schools, defnitely in Europe but in North America and elsewhere as well, have turned to FIBA to be their league guide book.

FIBA: The FIBA home page.

Basketball Basics: A set of sub pages on the FIBA site that explains their rules of play along with some good, though limited, coaching instruction.

FIBA coaching library: another set of sub pages from the FIBA site that offers drills and exercises as well as coaching news.

I'll keep adding to the list as I come across sites that I think will be useful for coaches or players. Like I said above, please contact me if you have a site or if you know of a site that you think would be of use to basketball coaches, as I am always trying to grow the list above and offer as much as I can to the coaches who come this way.

And on that note, keep coming back for more ideas on where to find good basketball coaching information - it's always good to keep learning.

"It is what we learn after we think we know it all, that counts."

- John Wooden