Basketball Books and Training Materials
Strategies, Blueprints and Practice Plans for Creating Great Teams

There are plenty of basketball books and training programs out there already, written by successful and famous coaches to explain how that particular coach runs their show. Some of them are quite good, and sprinkled throughout the Better Basketball Coaching site you will find links and references to the ones I have used and believe to be good references for coaches.

For my part, several coaches have emailed me asking if I had a downloadable set of practice plans available on the site, or step-by-step, progressive guides to running plays and drills. This site is a great forum to explain drills and skills and strategies as I know them, and to offer ideas and advice on coaching basketball as my experience and reflection has taught me. But the site is a rather unwieldy method of presenting a complete instructional guide.

So I've begun to put together a set of coaching guides, each with a different focus, each detailing a different aspect of coaching the game. By the end, I expect to have half a dozen or so guides available - maybe more - on a variety of coaching topics, but as I do all the writing and editing and so forth, they take a while to complete - generally a couple of months each. So it may be a while before this page is full of books - so bookmark it, check it often, or better yet, click on the RSS button or feeds below the site navigation on the left to get notified any time the site is updated.

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I have also reworked the Off Season Training Workouts I have featured on the site into downloadable handouts for players. Again, this is in response to requests I have received from coaches, and while I do charge for most of the coaching manuals on this page, these player workouts are free downloads.

Check out the coaching guides on offer below. I hope they help you, and I would love to get feedback from you - praise or constructive criticism, as both help me choose and improve the content that makes it to the pages of Better Basketball Coaching!

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Basketball Books and Training Materials
Coaching Guides

Basketball Books and Training Materials
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“A bad day coaching basketball is better than a good day doing almost anything else”

– Bob Hurley