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Off Season Skills Workout
for Guards and Forwards

It is in the Off Season when players either become better or fall behind. As coaches, we obviously want the former to happen - no coach enjoys watching his or her players return at the beginning of the season out of shape and de-skilled from lack of practice.

The training program below is one that I put together for my players to give them structure in their individual training during the off season. Most players will find pick up games easily enough - something I want then to do, to play as often as they can in the off-season. But unsupervised pick up games tend to build bad habits.

So I encourage my players to attend summer basketball camps if at all possible, and if not (or in addition to this), to use this training program throughout the off-season to build or maintain skills we've spent the last 6 months practicing.

Off Season Skills Workout for Guards and Forwards
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Basketball Books: Off-Season Skills Workout
for Guards and Forwards

What's Inside?

  • A one-hour workout for guards and forwards to help refine the offensive and defensive skills necessary to start the next season stronger than the last and to compete at a higher level.
  • Particular emphasis on ball handling and outside shooting, though really an all-round program to keep all skills developing year round.

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Make next season your best season!

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